The Beauty of Black and White Photography

Most people who like to take photos have never captured an image in black and white and for a good reason; black and white photography is much harder to do than color. In color photography all you need is a few contrasting colors in one image and bingo, you have a photograph.  Now, take the color away from that image and the picture is nothing.  To create an image in black and white you have to be very careful with the composition, the subject and, of course, the technical aspect of photography. All of that is very important.  Of course, I am talking about true photography, the type where you use film in a camera with interchangeable lenses and go and do it yourself.   I am not talking about capturing an image with your phone, finding an app that can turn your color image into black and white and then hope that you actually had a decent composition while you were photography your dog or cat.

Way back in the late 1970’s/early 80’s, I decided to change my life and became a photographer and, of course, I learned the right way, 

It is so strange to me to use a digital camera, even after using one for 20 years, and that’s because there is nothing like using film. Today I want to share with you some of my black and white photos. Many were captured with film and some were with my digital camera. Can you tell the difference?