Artist Statement

Many years ago when I was still in Mexico, I helped my father in his butcher shop.  Thus, I learned how to be a butcher.   I was afraid that this was my destiny and my first job in the United States at the age of 16 was that of a butcher. But as time went by, my longing for doing something different with my life was very strong.  Even though I was married and had children, I decided to go back to school and finish the education that was put on hold when I arrived in this country. Afterward, I enrolled in classes that were something totally different than previous jobs –  Photography! Over the years, I learned construction and many useful things that every man should know. But none of them fulfilled my spirit.  When I found photography and more specifically, when I saw my first photograph appear in the developer, I was hooked for life.

As a photographer, I love to capture images of people and things in a way that will make them look beautiful or not, as in some cases. But in all cases, I capture interesting images that are snippets of the person, event, or object in that moment in time.

I love to observe everything around me and not concentrate on the obvious but on the things that most people don’t see. Capturing the uniqueness of what is in front of me has been my passion for many years. I photograph to satisfy an insatiable longing to record humanities journey through this world, My task can never be complete because I would need to be in a million places at the same time.  As a result, I have to be content with showing you a small sample of everyday life from people in this and other countries that I have visited.

Ignacio Alvarez