Wildlife inside RoseHill Cemetery

When you walk inside Rosehill Cemetery you may encounter a new baby deer, coyote, skunk or other animals that live there permanently. It is great to go to a place like this cemetery in the city and find so much wildlife. I like very much to walk in cemeteries and this place is so old.  It is very cool. Of course, the best part is the wildlife that you are going to encounter. I feel that maybe I should not publish things like this because people will start to go there looking for wildlife and of course, this place is not a zoo, so NO! Don’t go there for that reason. I walk every day inside Calvary Cemetery in Evanston and these past months the coyotes that live there had a litter of 5 pups. This was bad because many people that never go to cemeteries started going there with their kids and someone called animal service to have the pups removed. It was such a bad thing to do by some horrible people that consider the cemetery their park for recreation.