Fall photography classes starting on 10-28-17



Hello again everyone.  The new photography classes will start soon. I hope that many of you sign up for the beginners or studio lighting classes that start on Saturday, October 28th  or the Darkroom class that starts on November 1.  Truman is adding more classes to the Continuing Education department and you can see them all in this link.



Anyone interested in a class, please contact Laura Smith at 773-907-4440. She will help you register.  Since Truman is one of 7 city colleges, the prices for the classes through the CE department are very affordable.

Beginning Photography $155

Learn the principles of photography with your digital or traditional 35mm camera. You can learn how to use a camera or you can refresh your knowledge of photography. You will learn about lens apertures, shutter speeds, light meter, film or ISO speeds, white balance, histograms, lenses, flash, composition, depth-of-field, digital storage cards, and much more. You will also learn to create great images using techniques like panning, painting with light, night photography, flash photography and others. Prerequisites: Bring either a working 35mm film or digital camera with manual exposure controls. Check the batteries! It is very important not to miss the first class!

Studio Lighting Photography $155

Learn how to photograph any subject the way you want, using perfect lighting. You will learn how to use flashes and strobe units like a professional. We will cover hard, soft, and directional lighting, as well as diffused light and light ratios. You will also learn how to use a flash meter to measure the output of each light and how to manipulate natural light using reflectors, gobos or diffusion panels. You will use backdrops, umbrellas, soft boxes, and grids, to direct light where you need it.  Every week you will be photographing something different so you can learn a different technique each time. Students should be very confident using the camera in manual mode and not in the automatic setting. Students should bring a film or digital camera that has a manual mode with adjustable settings.

Darkroom Photography $155

Take your love of photography to the next level by learning basic black and white darkroom skills and how to “see photographically.” You will learn to process film, make photograms, contact prints and enlargements. The course also covers mounting, touch-up, contrast filters, and darkroom craft. Advanced students may also enroll for additional darkroom time to complete projects. Lab hours are from 7 to 10 p.m. Prerequisites: You must be familiar with and have access to a working 35-mm camera (not disposable) with manual exposure controls. If you are not familiar with using a 35-mm camera, the Beginning Photography course is highly recommended.